Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Review: Emo Cloud Is So Pretty!

Posted: 12/21/2012 in Movie Reviews
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The original box art to Advent Children

The sequel to Final Fantasy VII was a gamble for Square Enix. Unlike with Final Fantasy X and X-2, Square Enix decided to try their luck again with a movie sequel as for Final Fantasy VII. Their first attempt at a Final Fantasy movie, Spirits Within, was a poorly received failure that left anyone who watched it wishing they could have those two hours of their lives back. Taking place two years after Meteorfall (the end of Final Fantasy VII), Final Fantasy VII Advent Children is a great addition to the Final Fantasy VII Compilation, and Advent Children Complete is even better.


Advent Children is a good movie that covers the events of Cloud Strife’s “quest” (he doesn’t actually go out of his way to try) for redemption, as he spends his days beating himself up over the death of Aerith, his love interest from the game, and his other past mistakes and personal demons. The movie’s plot is fairly simplistic: the good guy meets the villains, tries to protect his friends, fails, finds his motivation, and then, kicks ass. However, the movie’s execution can be slightly confusing for newcomers because the majority of the content refers to the game, or isn’t explained very well. That said, the action is fast paced and intense, Nobuo Uematsu really outdid himself for the soundtrack, and the voice acting is stellar. Being released in 2005, Advent Children is starting to show its age, but that may be partly due to its DVD format.

Left, Advent Children Complete. Right, Advent Children

As an answer the problem of the DVD format, Advent Children Complete is a fantastic director’s cut of the original movie on a Blu Ray disc. With an extra 20+ minutes of movie that provides great background for previously mysterious characters, as well as more action and better storytelling, the movie features a ridiculous number of re-rendered shots built specifically for the Blu-ray format. The picture is absolutely gorgeous and the sound is crisp. The voice acting, however, feels more like a dub because the team did not want to re-render the lip syncing, and the pacing really slows down to fill in more details to the story, which is extremely helpful. Released in 2009, the movie still holds up three years later and is more beautiful than most movies released today.


Left, Advent Children. Right, Advent Children Complete. For comparisons between the two, check out but be warned, there are spoilers!

I know this review has been short and sweet, but that’s all Advent Children really needs. Go watch it. If you enjoyed Final Fantasy VII, you’ll love it. If you haven’t, you’ll be confused as hell but hey, at least it’s pretty.


Advent Children: 7.5/10

Advent Children Complete: 8.5/10

By: Keith Crandell Jr.

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