Final Fantasy Week Writer Bios!

Posted: 12/21/2012 in Articles

These are the writers who worked tirelessly to bring to you Final Fantasy Week for ThoseReviewGuys. They love Final Fantasy, and hope you do too!

Keith Crandell Jr. is a Political Science major at Slippery Rock University, and believes that comedy can be found in just about anything. His favorite Playstation 3 game is Flower, and he has 30 Platinum Trophies (much to the disappointment of his mother). Follow his insanity on Twitter @kmcrandelljr and continue to read his reviews at so he can do more awesome things like this!


John Groom is a writer, musician, artist, and future educator from Coraopolis, PA. He is currently attending Slippery Rock University studying Secondary Education English and Secondary Education Spanish minoring in Writing and pursuing a certificate in Latin American Studies. He runs a blog at which includes lesson ideas and webquests to use for educational purposes and also functions as a forum for displaying his art in whatever form it may come in.

Alex Schmitz is a Film major in the Honors Tutorial College at Ohio University. He hosts Shredded Cels, an anime podcast, at and writes for Follow him on Twitter @DarthSchmitz to read his writing and hear his opinions on gaming, movies, and pretty much anything that comes to his mind.



Ryan Noblet is an Emerging Technology and Multimedia Major at Slippery Rock University.  Despite this, he does not own any “Emerging Technology,” such as smartphones, tablets, and etc.  As for gaming, he has been a self-proclaimed “Nintendo babby” his entire life, and his favorite games are Perfect Dark, Metroid Prime, and TimeSplitters Future Perfect.  Recently, he abandoned consoles, finding that PC Gaming is the way to go!  He has a facebook, a rarely used twitter, and a sports-related blog that is also rarely updated.

Mike Weber is an Information Technology major at the Community College of Butler County. His hope for life is to become a professional game designer, focusing mostly on RPGs or unique action games. His favorite games are Guild Wars 2, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, and anything made by Valve. He is a PC gamer through and through, after finding that thumbsticks are not as precise as he’d like them to be when playing shooters (though he still thinks the Assassin’s Creed series and many games like it are best enjoyed with the Xbox controller he keeps plugged into his PC.) He has a few nearly-untouched blogs that will be used. Eventually. Probably.



Alexander Murph is a high-school senior in Pittsburgh.  He has loved videogames his entire life and always ambitiously plays whole series at once.  After finishing every Zelda game, every Super Mario game, and every Kingdom Hearts game, Final Fantasy gave him a challenge.  He is proud to say that he has beaten every non-PC Final Fantasy game except 13-2.  He will never play 13-2.  Now, he is addicted to League of Legends, which has proved to be a worthy adversary to his thirst for videogames.

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