No Love For Final Fantasy In PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale (I Am So Sad)

Posted: 03/12/2013 in Articles
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By Keith Crandell


2012’s Playstation hit PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale (All-Stars henceforth) is an awesome fighter game, similar to Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. series. The game features a roster of twenty mostly unique characters from both first and third party Sony games. As the roster was being released over the course of 2012, I was sure there would be a Final Fantasy character announced, and was crushed when there wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, All Stars is a great game with a fantastic roster, but it’s still disappointing that it hasn’t shown any Final Fantasy love, especially since the Final Fantasy brand helped make the PlayStation name as big as it is today. In order to share my desire to see SuperBot show some Final Fantasy love, I have put a list together of characters which I think would work great in All Stars from the Final Fantasy series. SuperBot Entertainment has already released one round of DLC, and announced the characters of the second round recently. Will further DLC include Final Fantasy characters? Hopefully, and maybe it’ll be one of these:

Cloud Strife: Final Fantasy VII
Now I know what you’re thinking, but I swear this isn’t a crazy fan suggestion. Cloud has already been in multiple fighting games, and has worked well in them. More importantly though, Final Fantasy VII was the first in the series released on the PlayStation platform and was arguably what helped the platform gain popularity. As the first protagonist on the system, and one of the most popular characters in the series, Cloud would be one of the best candidates to be included in the All-Star roster.

As a generally close to mid ranged character, Cloud has an arsenal of Limit Break attacks and magic from his Materia which could be utilized within All-Stars. Making him a slower but more powerful character seems most likely.

Level 1: Cross-Slash: One of Cloud’s first Limit Breaks in Final Fantasy VII. It would work similarly to Raiden’s or Dante’s Level 1 Supers where they move forward a bit to attack around them.

Level 2: Blade Beam: Cloud twirls his sword above his head and slams it to the ground, sending a shockwave straight forward that kills any enemy on impact, similar to Spike’s Level 2 Sword Frenzy.

Level 3: Omnislash Version 6: Cloud’s final Limit Break in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. The move could be used to instantly kill all three enemies after a short attack animation, and would look something like this:

Sephiroth: Final Fantasy VII
Ok, this one might be a crazy fan suggestion. But adding another villain to the roster has its benefits! Like, um, uhh… IT’S SEPHIROTH. Sephiroth is a brutal and quick fighter, and weaker, combo driven attacks similar to Raiden might fit Sephiroth’s style in All-Stars. On the off chance that future DLC does include either Cloud or Sephiroth, why not both? That would very easily solve the problem of creating a story for their rivalry in the single player campaign.

Level 1: Octaslash: Sephiroth slashes out at enemies a few times, while moving forward on the screen.

Level 2: Meteor: Just like Toro’s Level 2 Toro Makes A Wish in the sense that it’s a giant ball (of evil) that falls from the sky and crashes down to kill foes.

Level 3: One-Winged Angel: My personal favorite of these three, Sephiroth’s theme One Winged Angel starts to play, his one wing shoots out of his back, and he glides around the screen slaughtering his enemies while invincible for a few seconds! MWAUHAHAHA!

Vivi Ornitier: Final Fantasy IX


To this day, Final Fantasy IX remains the best rated Final Fantasy game on websites like Rotten Tomato, and is one of the favorites across the board with fans. Vivi, a young Black Mage who struggles to find the meaning of existence when faced with his imminent death, is one of the most tragic characters in video game history. In All-Stars, he could prove to be an extremely interesting fighter given his vast array of magical capabilities.

Level 1: Magic Sword: Vivi casts a short spell and Steiner is summoned, rushing forward and swinging his sword, which is imbued with the power of Fire, Blizzard, or Thunder. It would work like Sly Cooper’s Level 1 Unstoppable Ally

Level 2: Break: Vivi uses his Break magic, which would essentially petrify all enemies within a certain area, similar to the Medusa’s head item, and would allow Vivi a few seconds to attack opponents to get kills.

Level 3: Trance: Vivi goes into his Trance which allows him to use his Double Black ability to cast even more Black Magic! It would include his regular attacks, but have an added bonus/effect to them (larger distance, area of effect, etc.) and would kill foes on impact.

Lighting: Final Fantasy XIII
Square Enix has a lto to prove after pumping out s*** like All The Bravest and, in my opinion, Final Fantasy XIII-2. Since Lightening Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is the final upcoming installment in the Final Fantasy XII series, including Lightening in All Stars is a no brainer. All Stars is practically the best version of advertising for upcoming games, and Sony knows it. Currently, all five of the third party characters that are in the game, including the new and upcoming DLC characters, have games set to release within six month’s of All Star’s release.

Giving Lightning access to her previous Paradigms from Final Fantasy XIII is a decent idea, but could make her gameplay in All-Stars a tad too similar to Dissidia 012. Instead, I’d love to see some of her new moves from her upcoming game. Too much to ask? Probably. But considering I went out and bought Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and Ape Escape, and I want to play Devil May Cry, PaRappa the Rapper, and a ton of the other games that All-Stars features characters from, I’d say this marketing fighter is doing a great job at it.

Noctis: Final Fantasy Versus XIII
SPOILER ALERT: We know little to nothing about Noctis and Final Fantasy Versus XIII. But Square Enix PROMISED they haven’t forgotten about the title, though it’s safe to say it’s been in development hell for the better part of the SEVEN FREAKING YEARS since we first heard about it during E3 2006. With the launch of the PS4 just around the corner, one wonders if the title will still be released as a PS3 exclusive, or if maybe, just maybe, it’s the game that Square Enix is signed up to work on for the PS4. Or maybe Versus XIII will just be changed to Final Fantasy XV? Who knows. Either way, hopefully it’ll be released soon, and adding Noctis to the All-Stars roster would be a great advertisement for the game considering so few people care about it anymore.

These are just a few of the prospects for what I could *reasonable* assume could make it to the All-Stars arena, but what do YOU think about all this? I could’ve named about thirty more characters, but I think these ones have the best chance (Read: slim to none at best) of making their way into PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale. Sign off on the comments below if you’ve got a neat idea for a new Final Fantasy All-Stars character!

Keith Crandell Platinumed All-Stars, and wishes there will be some Final Fantasy love more than anything. Next to, you know, world peace and such of course. Follow his nuttiness on Twitter at @kmcrandelljr.

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