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By Keith Crandell Jr.

Editor’s note: Back in May 2012, The Avengers actually kicked off this website. For this special Marvel Week occasion, we’ve decided to update the review a bit. But don’t worry, the message is the same: The Avengers is fantastic, and everyone should see it.

Avengers 3

It’s four in the morning, and never before have I been this damn giddy in my life. Every worry has been lifted off my shoulders and the last four years of waiting have not been wasted. Marvel’s The Avengers is an absolutely brilliant and entertaining movie.



By Becky Solomon


Captain America: The First Avenger had the heavy responsibility of setting up the building blocks for Marvel’s most anticipated film, The Avengers.  The film could have been a serious mess of story lines and a cheesy origin story.  Luckily, the film never strays into the realm of completely unbelievable or messy. It does justice to the tale of Captain America, American hero and builds a solid foundation for The Avengers.


By Keith Crandell Jr.


As the second movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Incredible Hulk had its work cut out for it. Not only did it have to try to get out of the shadow of its predecessor, Iron Man, but it also had to deal with Ang Lee’s 2003 Hulk, to which it supposedly has zero connection. Edward Norton stars as Bruce Banner, a man on the run from the United States military after an accident during a lab experiment turns him into… THE INCREDIBLE HULK!


By Keith Crandell Jr.

(Editor’s Note: Iron Man should always be enjoyed with a side of AC/DC. Listen here.)


What most people (myself included) could not have predicted when Marvel Studio’s hit Iron Man released in 2008 was that A. Robert Downey Jr.’s career had been revitalized and that he would go on to be one of the biggest stars in the industry, and that B. Iron Man was actually the first in what would become a multi-billion dollar franchise. Leading man Robert Downey Jr. stars as everyone’s favorite genius billionaire playboy philanthropist and weapons inventor/dealer Tony Stark. (more…)

Hello and welcome to Marvel Week!  With the release of Thor: The Dark World a week away, we here at Those Review Guys are a little more than a little excited for the newest Marvel Studio’s adventure into the realm of superheroes.  In order to hold us over until the release of Thor, we have decided to have a Marvel movie marathon.  And, of course, a movie marathon turned into a week long review extravaganza! So stayed tuned all week for reviews of all your favorite Marvel films!