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by Keith Crandell Jr.

*Editor’s Note: This review covers Dissidia and Dissidia 012*

Dissidia’s initial selling point was the conflict between ten heroes and villains from the numbered installments.


Final Fantasy Week (really, Month at this point) continues with the crew’s article on their favorite Final Fantasy Characters! Instead of the usual (again, no love for Cloud) picks, we have an interesting round up!



Many things have been said about Final Fantasy VI. Some say it’s the greatest Role Playing Game (RPG) ever made while others say it’s overrated. Before the game even came out many years ago, I was excited to play it purely because it seemed everyone had an opinion on it. The people who loved it were more lock step with my own criteria while the ones who disliked it, who were usually just doing so to be contrary, had really poor reasons for why they, in fact, didn’t like the game. When people who claim to dislike a game have to tear apart every small detail of the game to justify their opinion, you the game has to be good to elicit that kind of reaction.


By Alex Schmitz 

music Alex article 1

Final Fantasy is one of the most historic and well known series in gaming. It has been innovative not only in game play and storytelling, but also in gaming soundtracks. The legendary composer for most of the series, Nobuo Uematsu, has performed this music in orchestras around the world. I will be highlighting two great tracks from each numbered game in the series to show the breadth of the series’ musical accomplishments.

(Editor’s Note:  Want to listen to the track? Click on the song name!)