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By Alex Schmitz 

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Final Fantasy is one of the most historic and well known series in gaming. It has been innovative not only in game play and storytelling, but also in gaming soundtracks. The legendary composer for most of the series, Nobuo Uematsu, has performed this music in orchestras around the world. I will be highlighting two great tracks from each numbered game in the series to show the breadth of the series’ musical accomplishments.

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When Final Fantasy released on the NES on December 17, 1987, the creators at Square Soft weren’t expecting the explosion of sales and popularity that they experienced; they were merely hoping to make enough money to get Square Soft out of the financial crisis it was facing. Although Final Fantasy didn’t make it to the United States until a few years later, it was met with similar enthusiasm (and by similar, I mean overwhelming). Now known as Square Enix, the developers have succeeding in making a franchise which has delivered well over 50 great games to the world, and sold over 100 million copies worldwide.